Our design and technological excellence for the Porcelain Tiles.

Delfina Ceramic are high quality products that are designed and manufactured in the India and shipped worldwide. The products are manufactured in accordance with the standard and often exceed the specific requirements set by this standard.
In line with the attention it has always paid to human and professional values, in 2018
Our demonstrates the company’s deep commitment to the improvement of human resources management, more systematic control and a deeper awareness of all the risks inherent in normal and extraordinary operations in the workplace. Our aim is to create an ever more comfortable and safer working environment, contributing to generating further and constant positive effects on activities, products and services, in line with the standard’s two fundamental principles: continuous improvement and compliance with applicable legislation. The obtaining of the certification recognized at global level therefore commitment both to knowledgeable production and to its customers and staff, composed of qualified professionals able to ensure the highest possible levels of research, design and innovation for 100% Made in India porcelain stoneware products of value.

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